Injured whilst caring objects & striking against objects
Iron column crane machine worker head and neck injury

A thrilling industrial accident occurred in Wong Chuk Hang. A construction site was opened at 6 am at Sheung Wan Road, Sheung Wan Estate. It was reported that a man was surnamed Wong (48 years old) using a crane and hoisted. A solid iron column about 12 meters long and about 68 centimeters in diameter, when it is intended to be inserted into a hollow iron column, the solid iron column accidentally collapses from the iron hook and collapses the part of the floor plate, while the hollow iron column Then it was smashed and then crashed into the operating room of the crane. The yellow injury in the operating room was trapped. Other workers saw it and rushed to the police for help.


The police, fire and ambulancemen arrived at the scene and spent more than an hour rescued the trapped yellow. His head, neck and limbs were injured. After the first aid, the ambulanceman was taken to the Queen Mary Hospital for surgery. He was awake when he was sent to the hospital. The Police and the Labour Department have launched an investigation into the cause of the accident.


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Press Release from The Labour Department
Assess the risk of heat stroke to employees

The Labour Department reminds employers that as the Very Hot Weather Warning is in force, they should assess the risk of heat stroke to their employees and adopt effective preventive measures such as providing cool drinking water, setting up temporary sunshade and providing mechanical aids to reduce physical exertion of employees. Employees should drink water regularly and be mindful of their physical condition. If early heat stroke symptoms such as headache and thirst appear, they should inform their supervisors and seek medical help immediately. 


Source: Press Release from The Labour Dept dated 19 May 2019

Occupational Safety and Health Legislation
Occupational Safety and Health Legislation

The Labour Department's inadequate inspections and prosecutions are too light, and workers work at high altitudes! Every year, there are more than 400 industrial accidents in which the human body has suffered casualties from a height. One worker per month fell to death. However, the number of offenders was only about 200. The average fine was $14,000 last year and the maximum penalty was $50,000. Yuan, only one tenth of the maximum penalty. Earlier, the newspaper witnessed that workers in Tai Po Industrial Estate had painted under the roof of the roof without any safety measures. The danger was like a fire. The Labour Department only issued a written warning after the investigation. The Labour Department has questioned the Labour Department's inspection of the ineffectiveness of the inspection. The penalty is not deterrent. I hope that the Legislative Council will pass the enactment to increase the penalty as soon as possible. Members of the Legislative Council can complete the amendments to the relevant Ordinance in this legislative year and raise the fines to more than $10 million. They are pleading that the Hong Kong Government should not only oppose the contractors and employers.


The high office is the main cause of industrial accidents in recent years. The Director-General of the Industrial Injury Rights and Interests, Xiao Qianwen, pointed out that most of the casualties are built or repaired. The injured usually have to recover for two to three years, except for the treatment of fractures or damaged internal organs. The resulting physical pain, as well as the fear of accidents and the negative emotions after disability, may lead to mental health problems, which will toss the injured and caregivers, and think that such accidents are serious but can be avoided.

The Labour Department said that there were 11 fatal industrial accidents in Hong Kong from January to April this year. Three of them were cases of human body falling from height. Of the 16 industrial accidents in the past 16 years, 12 were from the heights of the human body, and the figures were the same as in the 17th year. In the past two years, the fatal cases of high places have occurred in addition to bamboo sheds, building exterior walls, gondolas, elevator troughs and terraces. For the injured cases in the upper air, the Labour Department recorded 338 cases in the first three quarters of last year. There were 462 cases in the previous year, with an average of 1.2 cases per day.


The Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance requires employers to provide employees with a safe working environment, safe working equipment and safe working system. Otherwise, they are liable on conviction to a maximum fine of $500 000 and imprisonment for six months. The Labour Department issued about 220 summonses in 17 and 18 years. In the same year, the successful conviction was about 65% and the average penalty was $14,300. The prescription says that it attaches great importance to such serious casualties. The enforcement of high-level work is also the focus of work, emphasizing that the number of prosecutions is not low.


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Press Release from The Labour Department
Contractors fined for violation of safety legislation

Hop Lee Builders Company Limited and Kin Yip International Construction Limited were fined $79,500 and $4,500 respectively at Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Courts today (May 17) for violation of the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance and the Construction Sites (Safety) Regulations. The prosecutions were launched by the Labour Department.
The case involved a fatal accident that occurred on April 29, 2018, on a building renovation site in Kwun Tong. While a worker was clearing debris on a bamboo scaffold at the external wall of the building between the ninth floor and the 10th floor, he fell from the scaffold to the inside of the building, falling through floor openings on the ninth floor and consecutive floors below, and eventually landing on the third floor. He sustained serious bodily injuries and passed away the same day. 


Source: Press release from the Labour Dept dated 17 May 2019

Others Occupational Injuries
Soy sauce workers used a blender to break the palm of their hand

A food factory in Wing Yip Factory Building, 21 Wing Yip Street, Kwai Chung, a terrorist industrial accident occurred at 10:41 this morning (16th). A 61-year-old surnamed Huang worker used a mixer for soy sauce. Was cut off, blood flow as a note, painful into the heart and lungs, the scene of the workers saw the alarm. Fire and ambulance were on the scene, first aid for the injured worker, and the transplant operation was carried out along with the broken palm. The police are investigating the incident.


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